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After starting the 4-stroke revolution Suzuki has reinvented this category

Offset driveshaft: Suzuki pioneered the use of the offset driveshaft with the original DF90 in 2002 and continues to deliver improved performance, balance and a better ride. 
Superior fuel saving: Patented LEAN BURN technology provides improvements in fuel economy – 32 bit computer for precise control and engine management. 
Advanced performance: These midrange ‘A’ series engines come packed with advanced features and utilise a double overhead (DOHC).

Suzuki 40 Hp

Prices from £5,799.00

Suzuki 50 Hp

Prices from £6,600.00

Suzuki 60 Hp

Prices from £7,495.00

Suzuki 60 Hp High Thrust

Prices from £7,795.00

Suzuki 70 Hp

Prices from £8,539.00

Suzuki 80 Hp

Prices from £9,099.00

Suzuki 90 Hp

Prices from £9,390.00


Suzuki 100 Hp

Prices from £9,949.00

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