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Lewis Marine the Plymouth Zodiac Ribs Dealer


Lewis Marine stock, supply and fit the whole of the Zodiac range to the whole of the South West UK, Devon, Plymouth.

Head down to our showroom at Yacht Haven Quay or give us a call today.


* Zodiac N-ZO *

Brilliant gem of the seas, N-ZO perfectly combines the expertise of the world leader in inflatable boat-building.


* Zodiac Medline *

Ideal for long outings, the Medline is like your own private beach thanks to its seating arrangement that can be converted into a sunbathing area.


* Zodiac Pro *

The multi purpose boat: freedom to customise it’s deck layout with seats / consoles according to your requirements.


* Zodiac Open *

The Pro Open is seen as the all terrain model of the sea and is comfortable in any situation.


* Zodiac Classic *

Reassuring and easy to manoeuvre, the Classic offers a choice of 2 floors and comprehensive set of equipment.

* Zodiac Futura *

An innovative range, offering remarkable performance and comfort with the patented Zodiac hull.

* Zodiac Tenders *

With its welded structure, this light tender offers a unique stability

and an astonishing load capacity.