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Lewis Marine main dealer for LS

At the time of its setting up in the Paris region in 1947, Lecomble & Schmitt company was designing and manufacturing volumetric pumps with flow-rate regulation. It was not until 1983 that boosted by 40 years of experience in hydraulics the adventure in the nautical industry started. In the meantime, the company had moved to the Basque Country in the milder south west of France.

Nowadays, Lecomble & Schmitt is the only French manufacturer to offer hydraulic and mechanical steering systems for pleasure boats, fishing and work crafts.

Since 1998 LS has been a subsidiary of the industrial group Artzainak which is also established in the Basque Country. The activities of the group and its know-how are as varied as complementary and include design, precision machining, sheet-metal working, plastics technology (injection and thermoforming) and composite moulding.